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Quiz II: Q12

19 Oct 10 | Re: Tub of trivia

Quickly, a quiz question. The answer to last week’s one about the spondees is (highlight, please):

A unstressed-stressed foot is called an iamb, like in iambic pentameter which has five of them.

And now for another, inspired by a visit to Lille’s awe-inspiring cathedral yesterday:

What is the name of the woman, recognised as a saint of course, who mopped Christ’s brow on his way to be crucified? Hint: don’t go looking in the Gospels because it isn’t in there.

Answer here.

Posted by MAGNUS VERMAGNUSSEN at 19:48

PS Magnificent transformation by Katy on the X Factor this week. From a chump with a self-consciously weird look that didn’t work, to the best sung, most heartfelt performance of the night. Well done to her!

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