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Quiz II: Q11

12 Oct 10 | Re: Pot of trivia

Another quiz question, then, compadres. Not, though, before I insert the answer to last week’s one in the invisio-space below:

There are in fact two differences between a digger lemming and a miner lemming. 1. The direction of digging - diggers go straight down, while miners go at an angle (not a 45 degree angle though, as many a player has found when it was too late). 2. The miner lemming has a cute little pickaxe.

Onwards. This week’s poser is inspired by Barbra Streisand:

If stressed-stressed is a spondee and stressed-unstressed is a trochee, what is unstressed-stressed?

Once again, answer next week.

Posted by HENRY KING at 22:53

PS I noticed that the guy on the X Factor who sang Lady Gaga and got voted off changed the best line in the song, “And we’re all getting hosed tonight”, to “And we’re all getting it tonight”. Can you not say hosed on ITV now?

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