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Quiz II: Q13

27 Oct 10 | Re: Teapot of trivia

I’m afraid I clean forgot about this week’s quiz question, so here it is slightly belatedly. Of course, first I have to hold it up even more while I give you the answer from last week:

The woman who wiped Jesus’s brow was Saint Veronica, at least according to extra-biblical tradition. She is quite an important subject in Christian art, and in particular can be seen in many Catholic churches as one of the Stations of the Cross.

This week’s question:

Which set of awards, a fixture on the UK music calendar, is so keen to honour the oldies that it has a Hall of Fame award AND a Classic Songwriter award AND an Idol award AND a Hero award AND an Inspiration award AND an Icon award AND a Classic Album award? I’m not making this up - they have a ludicrous seven lifetime achievement awards every year!

Answer, as ever, next week.

Posted by PHOEBE J MACCANNS at 08:33

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