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Quiz II: Q10

5 Oct 10 | Re: Trivia pocket

Hello to you. It is time to bring you the answer to the last quiz question. The answer to the last quiz question is to be found in the space below, if you highlight the text that I assure you is there. The answer to the last quiz question is:

I asked you what the first Britpop number 1 single was. To be honest I expected another disaster like the element-named-after-a-woman question from a few weeks ago. But it turns out that surprisingly few Britpop groups ever even had number ones - only Blur and Oasis, plus the Verve and you might count the Lightning Seeds who had Three Lions of course. Not even Supergrass. Not even Pulp! Not Echobelly. And the first of the ones that did make it was Some Might Say by Oasis in May 1995, I remember it well actually, knocking Take That off the top and ushering in a glorious era where almost one number one single a year, for one week of course, was a Britpop single.

The only possible argument with the above answer that I can envisage is if you count the Wonderstuff as sort-of Britpop godfathers, and you count their single with Vic Reeves, Dizzy, as a proper Wonderstuff single and not a novelty Vic Reeves single that happened to have the Wonderstuff on it, which is what it was. So then you might be able to sort-of argue that the first Britpop number 1 was Dizzy. But it wasn’t - it was Some Might Say by Oasis.

And now I have to reach into my brain and concoct a new question to baffle and delight you. I have done it! It is below:

In the original computer game Lemmings, what was the difference between a digger lemming and a miner lemming?

Answer next week.

Posted by MOLE at 18:47

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