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19 Sep 17 | Re: One of my faves | Link-U-Post

Superb news this week for Wyclef Jean fans: Wyclef has released his first album in eight years, The Carnival III. And almost as good news for fans of this blog, since that release has inspired my first post in roughly the same amount of time.

The bad news is that I’ve listened to the album and, sad to say, this is the first album of his that isn’t doing it for me*. Even the deliberately niche Welcome to Haiti had a fair bit in it to delight me (through novelty, wanton absurdity or occasionally, good songs), but this Carnival III just doesn’t seem to be the Wyclef I know. As foreboded by the April Showers mixtape a few years ago, Clef seems to have settled into a kind of elder statesman idiom that’s become his default sound: drum machine, guitar, mournfully sung meandering half-tunes, a lot of soul but not much pop, snap or crackle. That doesn’t account for all of the album, but even the collaborations and genre-hops seem to lack the spark that I would expect. Sad!

So rather than dwell on exactly what I don’t like about this new one, I thought I’d chat about some of the things that made me such a fan in the first place. Here, and without recourse to the hits because I don’t need them, is my guide to the many aspects of Clef. Spotify playlist embedded at the bottom.

*STOP PRESS! I've just discovered that this is Wyclef's first album without his longtime co-producer Jerry Duplessis. Mystery solved. We miss you Jerry!

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