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Playground places, 12" version

13 Mar 15 | Re: Extended classification system | Link-U-Post

Good news for race officials in playgrounds around the country: I’ve now extended the classification system to cover all places up to 20.

Here we go.

First the worst
Second the best
Third’s the one with the hairy chest
Fourth’s the golden eagle
Fifth the witch in the ditch eating bread and treacle
Sixth the cow
Seventh the horse
Eighth got caught by Inspector Morse
Ninth the king
Tenth the queen
Eleventh a dog in a submarine
Twelve’s a cat in a hat
Thirteen’s a frog on a log
Fourteen’s a pig in a poke
Fifteen’s Paula Radcliffe going out for a jog
Sixteen and seventeen, twins in the bin
Eighteen’s a sky full of stars
Nineteen’s mighty Jupiter
Twenty’s a mini Mars

Posted by SER JACELYN BYWATER at 21:18

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