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14 Apr 14 | Re: Unionationopolitical non-campaigning | Link-U-Post

You don’t get full coverage of the Scottish referendum campaigning here in the East of England, but I’ve had the antennas up for a while for something I’ve been expecting and I haven’t yet detected it. Let’s see if you can guess what it is. Here are the main groups involved that I have heard about:

  1. Scottish people who want Scotland to vote Yes: Alex Salmond and other belligerent bravehearts.
  2. Scottish people who want Scotland to vote No: Alistair Darling and other valiant strugglers against the tide of charisma.
  3. Non-Scottish people who want Scotland to vote No: David Cameron and other staunch defenders of the Union we all love.
  4. ...

The three dots at point four stand in for the gap I was expecting to see filled. You don’t have to be Laurence Fishburne to see that there is something missing from the matrix: where are the English people who want to set Scotland free? Whether mad little Englanders who’ve somehow got up the energy to hate the Scots, or Tories who want to guarantee an eternity of Conservative rule in England and Wales, or myopic TV viewers who want the weather map to be bigger, or heraldry buffs who want to see what happens with the flag, I thought that if only out of wanton mischief, one of the loudest voices would be an English-led Bye Bye Scotland campaign. But there’s been nothing that I’ve seen. Nothing.

I’m not saying that I want Scotland to go. I’m just surprised that no one else is saying they do. With the Yes lot apparently behind in the polls, English people who want the historically interesting decision NEED to get involved and at least put up a few posters. Or, if David Cameron were to join such a campaign, it might prove the ultimate trump card in favour of a No. Either way, if anyone knows that this is in fact happening, please send word.

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