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15 Apr 13 | Re: An impish politics | Link-U-Post

“And something often forgotten, Mr Speaker, she was the first political leader in any major country to warn of the dangers of climate change. Long before anyone thought of hugging a husky.”

--Ed Miliband, House of Commons Thatcher Tribute Special

Was Ed Miliband being a bit impish here? I don’t mean his mild husky-hug dig at Dave Cameron. I mean, if a Labour man must praise Thatcher, what better to praise her for than the climate issue? Many of those keenest to seal the gloss on her reputation are frothily opposed to the green lobby, firmly convinced that climate action is not needed, and like nothing more than to bellow in the faces of those who disagree.

Yes, it was impishness. A consolation goal scored on a difficult day. If supporters take all the praise rendered, they have to accept what they will see as a little flaw, a little scratch on her record.

And how much more of this impishness is passing under the Tory-Thatcherite radar? John Bercow was chosen as speaker mainly to annoy his fellow Tories, and we know that he was taken aback by the PM’s insistence on bringing back Parliament early to trowel it on. So is his latest move, to silence Big Ben for the funeral, meant with impish intent? When dissent is disallowed, the only protest is to assent past the point of absurdity. So. Stop the clocks. Put her next to Churchill. Invite all the dignitaries. Bring the army. Fritter the millions away. Honour her so highly and thoroughly that only her most fervent and oblivious supporters can agree. The rest of the country, one by one, will reach the point where they can no longer swallow such a spectacle. They will say, “Hang on, is this a bit much?”

The fruits of honour carry the seeds of doubt. Smart move, Mr Bercow.

Posted by JUAN PABLO RUBIN at 22:07

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