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Tanna tum tiddly ooh bo

3 Sep 12 | Re: An invitation to plagiarise | Link-U-Post

Autumn arrives, the new term is starting and if things are anything like they were in my day, schools in urban areas up and down the country will soon be celebrating wonderfully anachronistic harvest festivals.

And what better way to celebrate harvest than with a lovely harvest-themed acrostic poem? I remember when I was in year 5, my friend Eddie got in trouble for his harvest acrostic poem. I personally have no idea why he got told off for it, as it was an absolute zinger. I can remember almost all of it to this day, so it must have had a certain something. Here it is (or most of it):

Harry hippo ate some apples in a tree.
Andrew was up the tree.
Ronald the Farmer pulled Harry down.
Very cross farmer apparently had Harry on him.
Edmund... [can't remember the rest of this line]
Silly Samuel put some sausages in the tree.
Tom Tum ate the sausages.

Brilliant, no? You’ll have to forgive the missing line, I'm afraid. It was over twenty years ago. You can fill in for yourself what harvest-type activity Edmund might have got up to.

Anyway, I would have given that poem at least a B+, but maybe if you are a nine-year-old looking to plagiarise a harvest acrostic off of the internet, then you might worry that your teacher will take the same dim view that Mrs Pennington did when Eddie wrote it all those decades ago. If that’s the case, you can have this one that I’ve just written for free, and I bet you get ten out of ten for it:

Higgle-iggle-iggle, higgle-iggle-iggle-oh
Away to harvest the crops we go.
Runna-tumma-tum, tumma-tumma-tum-tie
Very much looking forward to a hot apple pie.
Everyone enjoying the harvest time
Sing-along-a silly old harvest rhyme
Tanna tum toy, tanna tanna tum tiddly ooh bo.

(I have just re-read The Hobbit.)

Posted by AZOG at 13:27

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