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13 Aug 12 | Re: Striking a blow | Link-U-Post

The block I live in has some shared facilities, including bins for the upstairs people. I’m downstairs, but if I lived on top then I’d have the daily joy of hurling my rubbish down a chute and into a big old communal bin. The only trouble is that ever since I’ve lived here, the door to that bin has had this on it:

A playboy sticker on a shabby door.

Grot! Every day I would see this and be reminded not only of that wizened old gold diggee Hugh Hefner, but the general societal prevalence of objectionable, objectifying attitudes and specifically, the worrying creeping of Playboy and other related imagery into mainstream space, whereby they come to be seen as kitsch. Well I hate kitsch things just as much as I hate misogynistic leering, so that sticker was never going to be a winner with me.

So I headed over to Red Bubble and ordered something to stick over it, and now the door looks like this:

A playboy sticker with a feminist power sticker stuck over it.


Posted by MORTIMER MCMIRE at 21:56

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