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22 Feb 12 | Re: Some little pop items

I haven’t blogged for a little bit, and since last time a few things have happened in the world of music. For what it’s worth (v little), here’s what I thought about them:

MIA flips her middle finger at the Superbowl: The gesture matched the line MIA was delivering as she flipped it. If the song was appropriate for the Superbowl, so was the gesture; the high-ups had approved the song. All objections are cant.

Madonna’s single only reaches number 37: Basing all your publicity around the Superbowl probably wasn’t the best way to ensure a smash hit in Britain. It’s also a nice bit of poetic justice that this song didn’t even do as well as the Nicola Roberts song that it sounds a bit like.

The BRIT Awards happen: This year more than any other, the awards seemed completely irrelevant to me as a music fan. Only one nominee excited me, and that was Olly Murs and Rizzle Kicks for best single; they didn’t win. If Nadia Oh had got some awards, now you would have been talking. (But if you’re a youngster who loves Ed Sheeran, bully for you.)

Rihanna to collaborate with Chris Brown: I’m generally in favour of forgiveness and second chances, but I hope that anyone unfortunate enough to be able to relate to Rihanna/Brown on a personal level thinks very carefully before using this reconciliation as a source of guidance for their own life.

Mick Jagger gets into the top 10: I wrote about this trend a little while ago, so I’m pleased to see it continue. In many ways, Will.I.Am (who chart guru James Masterton simply calls “William”) is the perfect collaborator for Sir Mick, each being the only one who can avoid being subsumed by the other’s unstoppable uncoolness. He should produce the next Stones album.

David Guetta keeps having hits: The only thing that’s new about the Guetta situation is that he gets credited as an artist as well as producer. Record labels must be worried that all the other dungeon-dwelling producers will rise up and demand credits too, and every video from here to the apocalypse will have to feature a grinning bloke shaking his hair about.

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