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Trend spotting: Jagger

26 Sep 11 | Re: Wiry singer

Mick Jagger seems to be catching on with a new generation of pop fans just lately:

Three Jagger-related megahits in less than three years - and the rate is increasing. Why?

Now, I note that Mick himself has a new album out with his group Superheavy. The concept of Superheavy is that a bemused Damien Marley stands powerlessly amid a tornado of all the most taste-free people in all genres of music - namely Mick, Joss Stone, DAVE STEWART FOR GOODNESS SAKE, and newcomer AR Rahman. So, will Jagger’s new-found status as a hip pop reference point bring this group the baffling success it doesn’t deserve? Or will the profile boost caused by this new endeavour remind everyone of what Mick is actually like and cause a collapse in the population of pop Jagger-nods? I will monitor the situation and keep you updated.

Posted by PADMI PATIL at 13:04

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