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Fantasy mentoring: Week 3

19 Oct 11 | Re: I want you in the final

The rumours are true, The X Factor is back, and I am getting well into the live shows. It seems like all the talent is with Kelly Rowland this year, both in terms of the contestants and of what it takes to Be A Judge, but there’s plenty to interest one and all, except maybe Beyoncé if she’s watching — I’ve been saying for years that Kelly was the talented one, and who could disagree with me now?

Anyway, like last year, I’m occasionally going to pick some song choices for my favourite acts, to show any producers who read this that I would be way better than, say, Gray Barlow. Sic. Rumour has it that this week is Rock Week, so the odds are already in my favour since, unlike Barlow, I know what rock actually is.

So without further ado... Beeeeeow der der der, duh duh duh der, BOOM!

Who am I rooting for? Well, Rhythmix have impressed me the most so far, so I hope they can establish enough popularity to stay in well past the halfway mark at least. Misha might be good, but they need to be very careful and she must only rap when absolutely necessary.

Posted by ROGER HUNT at 19:49

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