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Quiz II: Q3

17 Aug 10 | Re: Further question, your honour

Time now for another quiz question. I have an intriguing one for you this week, but first I need to address the answer to last week’s question.

I’m getting a sort of vibe that I may not have the answer to last week’s entirely correct. Even without the silly debatable points you can bring up, like selenium being named after a moon goddess or whatever, I’m wondering if there is some other element named after a real woman that I haven’t thought of. Whatever, for the purposes of this quiz, the answer is... (...highlight blank space...)

...curium, named after Marie Curie. Thing is, it was named after her husband equally much I think, so even if it’s right it’s not a particularly satisfactory answer. Oh, well.

Now that unpleasantness is behind us, we can have this week’s question, which I definitely know the answer to. It is:

Starting a trend that has now pretty much gone berserk all over the hit parade, what was the first number one hit single to be credited along the lines of [band] featuring [singer]?

Definitive answer next week, I promise.

Posted by ALEC PARTRIDGE at 14:15

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