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World Cup answers (and a special bonus)

20 Jul 10 | Re: Answers to fun quiz

A week or so after it ended, it is as if the World Cup had never been. The highest authority in South Africa is once again the country’s actual legitimate courts, not FIFA, and people outside the Netherlands, Ghana and Uruguay are already starting to forget about Luis Suarez. Nigel De Jong will return to Manchester and begin training for next season like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. And it is time for me to bring you the answers to my World Cup trivia quiz (not officially endorsed by FIFA, I should point out).

If you haven’t taken the quiz yet, please go down here and do so. Done it? Good. Then highlight the empty void below to see the answers.

1. It tends to be the top footballing countries who can pick players who all play club football in their home leagues. This year was no exception - it’s Germany and Italy.

2. Only Uruguay has gone longer than England since they last won the tournament - 60 years and counting. Italy did also go 44 years between 1938 and 1982, but England are now sadly set to surpass that total.

3. The formidable Boateng brothers, Jerome and Kevin-Prince, represented Germany and Ghana respectively. Actually I think they’re only half-brothers, but I think that’s close enough, don᾿t you?

4. Those nicknames refer to: (a) South Africa (Bafana Bafana), (b) Argentina (the Albiceleste or whte-and-sky-blues), (c) Cameroon (the Indomitable Lions), and (d) NZ (Michael Barrymore’s favourite All Whites).

5. France were the last team to join the club of World Cup winners, in 1998.

6. In Spanish, Pepe is short for Jose. The footballer Pepe isn’t actually Spanish or called Jose though - his full name is Kepler Laveran Lima Ferreira.

7. Forlan, Honda and Edo managed to stick the Jabulani in from free kicks for Uruguay, Japan and Japan.

8. Cameroon were lucky enough to have two Spurs players in the squad.

9. It was Diego Maradona who felt the elusive sharp end of Lawro’s wit.

10. At the time of going to press, it was Germany who were set to win the tournament. I’m afraid the judge’s decision is final on this one - no recourse to action replays or any other technology will be allowed as yet.

Did anybody get all ten?

As a bonus, here’s my team of the tournament: