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7 Jul 10 | Re: Oh, no: more World Cup

More World Cup! I’m planning on bringing back the quiz questions soon (see the blarchive if you missed them before), so as a prelude to that here are ten questions based around the event that everybody’s talking about, the FIFA World Cup. See how you do!

  1. England’s squad was unusual in that every single member played their club football in England. There are two other countries whose players all play for clubs in that country. Name either.
  2. England have now suffered 44 years of hurt without winning the World Cup, and are in for at least another four. Only one other country has had to endure more. Which one?
  3. This year, two brothers made history by both playing in the World Cup, for different teams! What is their surname?
  4. Journalists have recently developed a mania for finding out the local nicknames for each national team and using them wherever possible. So, which national teams are nicknamed: (a) Bafana Bafana; (b) the Albiceleste; (c) the Indomitable Lions; (d) the All Whites?
  5. There’s a fair bit of excitement at the prospect of a Spain-Netherlands final, since that would guarantee a winner who has never won the tournament before. When was the last time a World Cup winner had never won before?
  6. Bizarrely, one team this year has a player just called Pepe, an incredibly common Spanish first name on a par with, say, Bob for an Englishman. What name is Pepe short for?
  7. Only three players so far have managed to score a free kick with the hated Jabulani ball. Name any two of them.
  8. Tottenham Hotspur have been well represented in this tournament, with nine or ten players involved (or at least in the squads) depending on who you count. Apart from England, which is the only country to have picked more than one Spurs player?
  9. Who did Mark “Lawro” Lawrenson describe as “just a fan in a suit” during his team’s exit from the tournament?
  10. And finally, the question everyone’s asking: Who will win the tournament?

I’ll bring you the answers when the whole thing is over.

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