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Quiz question 18

27 Oct 09 | Re: Trivia jam

A sparsely written quiz question blog this week, because I’m in a hurry to go out to a real-life Earth-quiz. So, highlight the invisible space for the answer to last week’s question:

Yo, it was Caligula. Some people say Tiberius was smothered to death before him, but I say not. So Caligula is the answer.

And this week’s brain-exerciser: In the sport of tennis, what is the women’s equivalent of the Davis Cup?

I will bring you the answer next week, and next week will I bring you the answer.

PS Freemasons Shakedown 2 is a brilliant album. It’s dance, it’s pop, it’s surprisingly soulful. It’s what you want.

Posted by ABORIGINAL NOISE at 20:25

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