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Quiz question 17

20 Oct 09 | Re: Weekly installment of triv’

Well hello to one and all, and welcome to another weekly quiz question here on the blog. As has become the custom, I will first reveal the answer to last week’s question. To see it, simply highlight the white, empty area that follows.

The link between those three songs is guide vocals. In the studio, an employee or anyone who happens to be around often records a temporary guide vocal on a track to show the eventual vocalist the kind of thing they might like to do. In the case of Shaggy’s bud Rikrok, Kirsty MacColl, and that woman out of Madison Avenue, they put down guide vocals that were so good that they ended up being featured on the final release.

And now for the next question, which is: Who was the first Roman Emperor to be assassinated? Hint: I’m not looking for Julius Caesar here, because although he was assassinated he wasn’t technically considered to be an emperor, much as he might have acted like one, throwing his weight about and what not and what have you.

Answer next week.

Posted by BETTY SWAILSBURY at 13:44

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