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Quiz question 12

15 Sep 09 | Re: Trivia unabated

Oh, hi there. You must have dropped by in expectation of the next quiz question. You shall not be disappointed.

First, the answer to last week’s wizard-based q. It’s floating somewhere in the whiteness below:

I asked you how many Knuts are in a Galleon in Harry Potter’s none-less-practical monetary system. Well, as the First Book of Rowling tells us, there are twenty-nine Knuts in a Sickle and seventeen Sickles in a Galleon. Total: 493 Knuts in a Galleon. Bling bling baby.

And now, our twelfth question comes in honour of the recent Beatles reissues: Assuming the Beatles’ lyrics were accurate at the time of recording, in what year did Sergeant Pepper teach his band to play?

Come back next week, the answer to seek.

Posted by T M RIDDLE at 12:51

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