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Quiz question 11

8 Sep 09 | Re: Trivia takes a turn for the magical

Greetings, wayfarer. This week, your quiz question comes with a magical theme, for I have been reading the first Harry Potter book. Stranger, if the answer to last week’s question you seek, draw back the cloak of invisibility to see it.

I asked you what can be ASB, BCP or CW. Behold, the answer is Anglican church services - they can follow the beloved Book of Common Prayer, the loathed Alternative Service Book, or the reasonably OK Common Worship.

And now for this week’s wizardly quizzling query: Like much of the Harry Potter universe, the monetary system in the wizards’ wyrld is somewhat whymsycal. How many bronze knuts are there in a golden galleon?

Answer next week, broom fans.

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