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29 Feb 12 | Re: Either astounding commitment or sheer bad luck

LMFAO may be “sorry for party rocking”, but I know someone who isn’t: the woman in the One Stop near me has a tattoo on her forearm that says PARTY ROCKER in nearly inch-high letters.

I didn’t chat about the tat to her, but I can see that one of two things is definitely going on here. What I would say is the less likely option is that she is a big LMFAO fan who wants to proclaim that fact to the world. Just like SkyBlu, she’s got tattoos cos she’s rock ’n’ roll. She’s talking about PARTY ROCKING firmly in the LMFAO sense, ie with about as much to do with actual rock as the Funky Giraffe baby product range has to do with actual funk. She’s Sexy And She Knows It (or, in a confidence-centric society, Not Sexy And She Doesn’t Know It, which is the next best thing). She shuffles about on one leg while flailing the other around wildly, all to the accompaniment of electronic squeaks and beguiling rhythms.

Now, she was standing behind the counter when she served me, the woman in One Stop, so I can’t say for sure that she wasn’t wearing “animal print pants on patrol”. Maybe she was, so she might indeed be an LMFAO fan. If she was, I suppose I can see two minor problems. One is that of all the genres that might sensibly inspire the lifetime commitment of a tattoo, novelty dance is perhaps some way down the list. One would look pretty silly these days if, say, one was saddled with a Gonfi Gon or Doop tattoo from the early 90s, as much as those acts might have seemed like The Future at the time. Secondly, the simple words PARTY ROCKER don’t, to me, really encapsulate the playfulness that gives Redfoo and his half-nephew all their charm. PARTY ROCKER and a picture of a zebra would have been better.

Those are just quibbles, though. If the woman in One Stop is indeed an LMFAOer, my general verdict is fair play and keep on party rockin’ like yo’ in Miami.

Back to reality now, and the far more likely possibility that this woman likes actual rock music and your standard, non-champagne shower-based parties and thought that PARTY ROCKER was the best tattoo she could get to sum up that enviable outlook on life. She probably got it before LMFAO even recorded the first Party Rock album. But imagine her dismay now that that innocent phrase PARTY ROCKER has been cruelly snatched away from the wide-eyed, Jäger drinking Mötorhead lovers and adopted by these bespectacled shuffle-clowns. Maybe no one has told her yet and that moment of horror is still to come!

There is hope, though. If the woman in One Stop had happened to have a non-LMFAO-intended tattoo that happened to show two people with big afros and empty glasses frames and leopard-skin trousers, she would be lumbered and there would be no way back. But words, mere words, can be changed. I suggest she gets a tattoo amendment; for example, she could get PROPER tattooed in front of PARTY ROCKER. Or if she’s into politics and a particular type of rock, she could have it changed to, say, TORY PARTY and HARD ROCKER (or if a fascist, NAZI PARTY and HARD ROCKER; you get the idea). Give a bit more info at the same time as distancing herself from the zany “Gettin’ Over You” hitmakers.

Or finally, the woman in One Stop could batten down the hatches and wait for the LMFAO storm to pass and everyone to forget that PARTY ROCKER ever referred to anything other than wearing leather and moshing putting up those devil horns. It can’t be long, can it? It’s already been, what, over a year?

Posted by KLIMENT at 12:54

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