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Now That’s What I Call Wigging Out

9 Nov 11 | Re: Lots of crazy jammin’

Now that I’ve finished writing about wig-outs, it’s only right that I should treat you to a playlist of all the wigging favourites I’ve looked at this year. I’ve created it and, assuming you are lucky enough to have a Spotify account, you can listen rightchere:

Now That’s What I Call Wigging Out

I’ve arranged these in ascending order of wigging points, so it will ease you in and gradually ramp up the wig factor as your tolerance increases. Seasoned wigger-outers might like to dive in around track 6.

  1. Acolyte (Delphic) – read – 13pts
  2. Talking to Clarry (Bluetones) – read – 14pts
  3. I Am the Resurrection (Stone Roses) – read – 15pts
  4. Helter Skelter (Aerosmith) – read – 15pts
  5. The Looking Glass (The Las) – read – 17pts
  6. Innocent Smile (Ash) – read – 21pts
  7. The Promise (The Maybes?) – read – 24pts
  8. Jesus I/Mary Star of the Sea (Zwan) – read – 26pts
  9. Rie’s Wagon (Gomez) – read – 27pts
  10. Spectral Mornings (Cornershop) – read – 28pts

(Click on a “read” link to see what I had to say about each song.)

You’ll notice that the Beatles’ absence from Spotify has forced me to put in a version by Aerosmith instead, which is sadly only three minutes long, but apart from that it does rather well. Anyway, I make the total playing time to be just over an hour and a half, so surely no one will feel short-changed. Enjoy!

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