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29 Aug 11 | Re: An enduring coinage

A while ago (over a year, in fact) I wrote about how some presenters introduce everyone as “the lovely X”, eg “the lovely Jean Claude Van Damme”, or whoever. It’s only last week that I realised where this comes from - it’s Paul Daniels, isn’t it, with the lovely Debbie McGee.

Well done, Paul. Few people can have coined a phrase that has so permeated the world of entertainment. Just as Shakespeare would live on, even if his plays were lost, through a thousand eloquent turns of phrase, so Paul Daniels will live on in the mouths of exciteable autocue-readers, every time we say hello to the lovely Kelly Rowland, the lovely Gary Barlow, the lovely Olly Murs, and on into TV infinity.

Posted by THE LOVELY FLO RIDA at 18:41

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