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9 Mar 11 | Re: What I do all day

As I often do, I made a round of tea at work today. While the kettle was boiling, I used the handle of a teaspoon to scrape away at the brittle brown crud that had fused itself in a thin layer to the bottom of my mug. This had two strong benefits: first, it helped make use of the otherwise wasted kettle-boiling time; second, it reduced the amound of unsightly mug-crud by a high percentage.

Additionally, it amused me to think that the top five uses of my time at work today were as follows:

  1. Text editing
  2. Product discussing
  3. Email answering
  4. Phone talking
  5. Crud scraping

While it remains at number five, I can’t complain.

Posted by FRIMLEY GREEN at 17:54

PS Important searchketeer update: This blog is now top of the Google pops for “naively coquettish clothes-shedding” - with or without quotes! I don’t have the webstats to hand, but I’m betting that traffic is UP.

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