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18 Mar 11 | Re: Tweet clarification

Following up a possibly uncharitable tweet of mine, and just to set anyone’s mind at rest who might be wondering, here is the list of the 27 or 28 Britpop-era bands who were better than Shed Seven:

Ash, Babybird, Black Grape, the Bluetones, Blur, the Boo Radleys, Cast, Catatonia, the Charlatans, Elastica, Embrace, Garbage (if you count them), James, Kenickie, Kula Shaker, the Levellers, the Lightning Seeds, Lush, Mansun, Oasis, Ocean Colour Scene, Pulp, Sleeper, Suede, the Super Furry Animals, Supergrass, the Verve.

Truly a golden age for non-York-based music.

Update: I forgot Dodgy! I knew I’d forget someone, but I’m surprised it was Dodgy. So it might be as many as 29 bands who were better than Shed Seven, although the band themselves have queried the Lightning Seeds, so perhaps they ought to be excluded.

Posted by TRACY JACKS at 19:59

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