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Hello once more, searchketeers

25 Jan 11 | Re: The alternative hotlist

I’m going to have to archive some of these posts again soon, but before I do that it’s time to take another look at some of the words and phrases I’m hoping people search for and find this blog.

Here’s the latest top ten:

  1. Harry Hill book index
  2. Streisand is a spondee
  3. cute little pickaxe
  4. glazed liver with bubble and squeak
  5. vaguely described crocodiles
  6. Toronto Hobbits
  7. Ronan Keating-inspiring Neruda poem
  8. digestives in the shape of a loaf of bread
  9. advanced comedy alchemy
  10. the boiling cauldron of unconnected events

As ever, if YOU have actually typed any of those into a search engine, you may be exactly the same as me. If you are, please use the email link in the sidebar to get in touch, putting ‘I’m a searchketeer’ in the subject line.

Posted by PEKUAH at 19:09

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