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Quiz II: Q21

21 Dec 10 | Re: Pitcher of trivia

(It seems I forgot to upload this when I first wrote it. Never mind - here it is now.)

Quiz question twenty-one, and a la 50 Cent, I’m stopping the questions here, at least for the time being. Don’t worry, though - the last one’s a goodie. First I’ve got for you the answer to last week’s question. Highlight, to find it, the blank space:

The baddies that first caused the Doctor to regenerate were the deadly Cybermen.

And now to the last edition of Quiz II. Ready? Good. Simply read the paragraph below:

Where would you find Christopher Lee, Clement Freud and Michael Parkinson all in the same place?

Answer, along with a special extra for you, in the new year. Merry Christmas!

Posted by DANNY ROONEY at 17:44

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