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Quiz II: Q18

1 Dec 10 | Re: Wormhole of trivia

Organically, Wednesday seems to have become the new day for the quiz. Fair enough. I will go with the flow, first providing those of you who highlight the space below with the answer to last week’s fairly feeble question:


This week I’ve thought of a much better one. It’s topical, it’s tricky, it’s intriguing, it’s right here.

The ten nominations are out for BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2010! These are compiled by asking the sports desks of 30 top publications to nominate the ten people they think should win, and picking the sports personalities who get the most votes. Now, this year only one personality was good enough to be named in the top tens of all 30 publications. Who was this unanimous nominee?

Clue: I confess I’d never heard of this person until this week, since I don’t follow the sport in question very closely.

Answer next week.

Posted by HELENA BELLOW at 19:59

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