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29 Nov 10 | Re: Service industry question

I like Wetherspoons as much as the next man, unless the next man is my brother, but the service can be slow at times. Of course, Wetherspoons pubs aren’t the only pubs that can have slow service, but they are the only pubs with their own distinctive brand of slow service.

With Wetherspoons’ patented brand of slow service, your interminable wait at the bar will be accompanied by a view of about five bar staff bustling to and fro, doing mysterious unspecified tasks. Meanwhile, one colleague attempts to serve all the long-suffering customers single-handed. So distinctive is this feature, I contend, that at busy times I could recognise a Wetherspoons pub in a blind test, just from the frustrating behind-the-bar bustling.

What are all those extra people doing, is what I want to know. Someone must know. If you know, please tell me. (I don’t want to ask them in person, so I’m crowd-sourcing the answer instead.)

Posted by MARKY BELLOW at 18:51

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