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27 Nov 10 | Re: What we want to hear

Following up the post about poor Paije, I’ve taken the time to create some great playlists of the songs I was saying I wanted him to sing. Here they are for you:

Cover Paije: Spotify playlist (membership required)

Cover Paije: We7 playlist (open to all but less comprehensive)

As is usual with these services, one or two tracks are substitutions or soundalike budget versions, but that’s OK in this context since Paije’s own versions would themselves be soundalikes, though not budget of course. More worryingly, Got To Turn Around by Phats and Small is not available on either service - has the world gone stark raving mad?

Even if it has, never mind. Just put on these disco house tunes and relax, imagining Paije’s deep tones wringing even more hot buttered soul out of the already very soulful material. Bop about a bit. Petition the Freemasons to team up with him. And bop about some more.

Posted by MARY JO at 20:28

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