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Fantasy mentoring: Week 6

10 Nov 10 | Re: More song choices

I’ve missed a couple of weeks of this. Needless to say, I did have opinions about what the X Factor contestants should sing for Halloween and American Anthems Week, but there aren’t always enough hours in the week, as I’m sure you’re aware. Anyway, I understand that this week is to be Elton John Week, so here are my Elt song choices for my favourite acts in each category. (If you look back to Week 3, you’ll note that my faves have changed a bit since then - well, that’s showbiz.)

On your marks... Beeeeeow der der der, duh duh duh der, BOOM!

You might not know that this is a particularly crucial X Factor week, since apparently it’s only the top eight acts who get to go on the arena tour next year and there are now nine left. Let’s hope that Paije can hold on for at least another week.

Posted by TINY DANCER at 13:20

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