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Chain of infuriation

3 Nov 10 | Re: Clever blog recommendation

Here’s a funny, clever little blog. For years the Guardian’s Weekend supplement has infuriated the Guardian’s readers by being a glossy magazine and therefore recommending expensive food and clothes that most Guardian readers can’t afford and think it is sort of immoral to buy or even want to buy. Infuriated, they write in to the Guardian Weekend’s letters page and express their infuriation, often through the medium of smug rhetorical questions which are themselves infuriating.

And that’s where the chain of infuriation used to end. But not any more! Enter the blog I’m writing about, which is called Their Questions Answered. This blog takes the Guardian Weekend readers’ smug rhetorical questions and answers them, every single one, often in great detail, just as if they were meant at face value. How perfectly infuriating that must be.

Superb idea for a blog.

Posted by BOB ZURUNKLE at 19:15

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