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Lightly glazed liver with bubble and squeak

19 Sep 10 | Re: Recipe of the century


Method: Put a bit of vegetable oil in two frying pans (preferably non-stick) and start heating it on a medium-to-high heat. (That’s if you have rubbish electric hobs like me - if you have gas, wait till everything’s chopped before you put the heat on.) While it’s warming up, chop up the liver into bitesize pieces and put it in a plastic food bag. Add the flour and shake it about until the liver is covered with a dusting of flour. Cut up any really big bits of cabbage, and mash the potato up a bit if it isn’t already. Roughly chop the onion.

When the oil is quite hot, put the onions into one pan and start frying them. When they start to go a bit soft, add the liver. Put the cabbage and potato in the other pan and start to fry them as well, adding salt, pepper and any other herbs you might have. When the liver’s been frying for a short while, add the vermouth. When the cabbage and potato have been frying for a short while, add a splash of Worcestershire sauce.

Fry everything in the two pans for about ten to fifteen minutes, or until it looks done. You can cut open a bit of liver to see if the inside is cooked - if blood oozes out, it needs a bit longer. How crispy you want the bubble and squeak is up to you.

Put everything on a plate and enjoy. Serves one - the chances of there being two people who actually like liver are pretty remote, but I’m telling you, this is my absolute favourite thing to cook when I’m on my own. It’s dead cheap too. Try it!

Posted by QUINTUS POMPEY at 20:51

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