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Well done, Travis

3 Aug 10 | Re: Obscure and barely remarkable pop fact

Reading the sleevenotes on albums is often not a worthwhile activity, I will admit. However, just occasionally you do come across something mildly interesting. For example, the other day I was idly reading the thankyous on Box Car Racer’s self-titled and only album, Box Car Racer, when I happened to see that the drummer in the band had included the Black Eyed Peas in his list of thanks.

Now that album is from 2002, when the Peas were in their pre-Fergie, pre-Timberlake, pre-Guetta days of obscurity. They hadn’t written any of their good songs yet either, so I presume their act consisted of three poorly-dressed blokes striding around the stage imploring the audience to put their hands up, without the light show or the charismatic female counterpoint that must be such welcome distractions to today’s concert goers. Even to have heard of them at that time, especially for a punk-type fellow, must make Travis Barker (also the drummer with Blink 182, who shared two members with BCR) one of the most far-sighted talent spotters in pop-rap history. I wonder what the Black Eyed Peas did to earn his gratitude all those years ago.

Apologies to any youngsters reading this. I know that nobody reads, or indeed owns, sleevenotes any more. Come to think of it, how do musicians thank people in this digital age?

Posted by MAJOR MAJOR at 18:08

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