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Hello hello, searchketeers

7 Jun 10 | Re: Search engine non-optimisation

I’ve again relegated the older posts on here to a blarchive, so once again, none of the terms I was hoping would get googled are on this page any more. As is becoming my habit, I’ve made a new list of exciting phrases to replace them - the idea is that, with any luck, lots of like-minded people will stumble upon my blog after typing them into the search engines of their choice.

This time, I’m such a fount of bons mots that I’ve had to double the list to ten entries. That makes twice the reward for the same searching effort. Here’s the list:

  1. sporty people sporting sportswear
  2. forza Huddlestone
  3. extraneous 80sness
  4. the awesome power of the blogosphere
  5. frantic mummers
  6. purported temporary sign
  7. Ian Austin MP
  8. Robin Notmincing
  9. a single, hopefully coherent philosophy
  10. John Power wrote some of the best songs of the 1990s

If YOU have found this blog by searching for one of the above phrases, please do email me using the link in the sidebar, and put “I’m a searchketeer” in the subject line.

Posted by A SEA DEVIL at 19:30

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