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2 Jun 10 | Re: Being the object of a DJ’s envy

The Guardian’s Weekend magazine is much the best of the glossy broadsheet Saturday magazines, because it isn’t 100% full up with utter rubbish every week. Probably more than 50%, I should say, but there are some features worth reading. One of them is sometimes the questionnaire, where they ask a famous person a set of glossy-broadsheet-magazine-type questions, like When and where were you happiest?, or What is your most treasured possession?.

Last Saturday the subject was the Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac, and one of the questions was If you could have a super power, what would it be?. Her answer was very interesting to me. She wanted to be able to sleep on demand in any situation, I suppose because she travels a lot and stays up late and would find it useful to be able to pay back some of her sleep debt on trains and aeroplanes. Well, I have that very power! To a point. I have no trouble sleeping on trains and planes and in cars, so long as I’m tired enough to want to sleep in the first place, and very useful it is too.

So I’m one up on Annie Mac in the sleep department. Then again, I in turn envy her superhuman ability to endure exposure to Nick Grimshaw.


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