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Monday Music: Future Sound of Future Sound of London

26 Apr 10 | Re: Bizarro-world music

Remember the Future Sound of London?

They were rave pioneers, but I haven’t heard much from them lately - or rather I hadn’t until I came across a peculiar 12" release by Oasis a few months ago. This was the ‘A Monstrous Psychadelic Bubble Exploding In Your Mind’ mix of Falling Down, which turned out to be a 20 minute exposition of everything it is possible to do with an Oasis track. Track it down if you can, or come to my house and I will play it to you, and if anyone tells you that Oasis were sausage-fingered musical regressionists, point them to this remix; either they’ll change their mind or they’ll forget what point they were making entirely as the ultra-long Indio-chemical collage melts their argument cortex.

The remix was by the Amorphous Androgynous, who turn out to be an alter ego of the above mentioned Future Sound of London. They seem to have gone for sitar-based psychadelia in a big way, and in fact, having investigated some more of their output, a lot of it is a bit heavy on sitar noodling and a bit light on beats for my liking. A good one, though, is this week’s track, Billy the Onion, linked here on We7 - a shambling slide guitar and blues harp instrumental stirred into a hotpot of peculiar noise.


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