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Monday Music: Online recommendatron

12 Apr 10 | Re: The Twitter Of Music

Maybe you’ve already read somewhere else about Mflow, the new internet music service that presents as a splurging together of Spotify and Twitter. You can follow people who recommend songs to you, and if you like them you can recommend those songs to your own followers. What that means is that you can open it up every so often and have a whole selection of tracks personally recommended by Zane Lowe and Popjustice and Phill Jupitus waiting for you, and maybe discover some exciting new music you didn’t know about before.

I’m finding it quite good. You have to be invited to sign up, at least for now, so if you want an invitation email me (see sidebar) and I’ll send you one if you’re quick enough. If you’re on there now, follow jbc01 to see my tasteful recommendations.

So in honour of Mflow, today’s track is the first track I sought out and recommended to my zero followers when I signed up: Move Your Feet by Junior Senior (linked here on We7, not Mflow). This is a whole dimension of dance music fun, and an extra-specially treasured memory for the dozens of us who crammed into the New Tent at Glastonbury to watch them in 2003.

Posted by TITUS PULLO at 20:00

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