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Monday Music: Semi-lost classic

29 Mar 10 | Re: Fan favourite

While we’re enjoying 1980 (see last week), here’s a classic early Madness tune. You can’t really go wrong, can you?

The funny thing about Bed and Breakfast Man (on We7) is that it somehow exists outside the canon of best-known Madness songs. It’s a big favourite with the fans, and a fixture at gigs, and one of the best songs on the debut album, but for some reason it was never a single and isn’t on most of the best-ofs so people don’t tend to know about it.

I do know that the song had a video made for it, so it’s possible it was planned to be a single but withdrawn at the last minute. I like to think that the mooching buddy of the song’s title got offended and made them change plans and release Night Boat to Cairo instead, presuming that the Egyptians would be better able to take a joke.

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