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16 Mar 10 | Re: Sporting question

Say you’re a sporting kind of guy and you want to advertise that fact to the world of sport and the wider world at large. The best thing to do is probably to drive a sports car to a sporting event, sporting a sports jacket and a range of other sportswear. The problem, though, is that sports jackets don’t always look very sporty, and people who own sports cars might be sportsmen or keen on sport, but often aren’t enough of a sport to lend them out to sporty people sporting sportswear.

What to do?

A typical sporting sort might resort to besporting himself in and around sports resorts, perhaps cavorting more than a sportsman strictly ought. Another thought of the sort that might be taught would be to sort the more sporty sports from the sorts of sports that ought not to be thought sports, and then make sure that all one’s sporting thoughts sought to support the true sport throughout. Here, a sports jacket is optional.

Posted by J C T JENNINGS at 22:13

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