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14 Mar 10 | Re: A creeping laxity

I seem to be getting lax about security. In 2010 so far, I have, in increasing order of severity:

Thankfully, however, none of the above in fact had any consequences whatsoever. Clearly that is down to luck, to some extent. What is not clear is exactly how lucky I’ve been. I wonder whether there’s an index somewhere that will tell you the exact probability of your bike getting ridden off with, or an intruder intruding in your home, if you leave them unlocked.

In the case of unlocked doors, the thing is that a potential criminal would only know that they were unlocked if they tried the handle. I’ve never seen a shady character going from door to door trying all the handles in the hope of a lucky strike before, so presumably you’re not that likely to get burgled if you do forget to lock yours. Except that if you and a lot of other people got into the habit based on that assumption, it would eventually become known that doors were being left unlocked, and then representatives of the criminal community would start trying it on.

The conclusion, then, is that it’s probably OK to leave your door unlocked once in a while so long as you feel bad about it afterwards and don’t get into bad habits, and, importantly, so long as everyone else behaves the same way. It’s a bit like immunisation - if everyone else gets the jab, theoretically you wouldn’t have to, but it’s still important for everyone to do their bit and build up herd immunity. This is herd security. Do your bit. I’ll try to do mine from now on.

Posted by DOCTOR CLAW at 21:09

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