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Austin: A man of many parts

3 Mar 10 | Re: Fascinatingly layered politician

More about Ian Austin MP, who wrote to me about iniquitous letting agencies a month or so ago. In this week’s Spectator, Martin Bright claims that Austin is one of Gordon Brown’s closest supporters, and that he once put his face right up to Martin Bright’s face and whispered at him aggressively. He also says that he is dapper.

So on the one hand, Ian Austin MP is well turned out, has a winning smile, and is very helpful when responding to queries about housing policy. On the other hand he has poor handwriting and Martin Bright has this dirt to dish about him liking Gordon Brown and allegedly not respecting people’s personal space properly.

The more I hear about the MP for Dudley, the more complex a character he appears. Politics is a minefield. What a boon to my mental stability that I don’t live in Dudley, so don’t have to decide whether to vote for him in the face of all this conflicting information.


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