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Monday Music: The One

22 Feb 10 | Re: Famous singer, less famous song

Monday Music, and contrary to my intentions when starting this feature I once again find myself writing about a dreamy electro pop song. I do like proper music as well, I assure you, but it’ll have to wait another week.

This week’s song is The One by Kylie Minogue. This was the last single from her last album X (all here on We7), and it got to number 36. It didn’t make much of a splash.

Like most of the world’s population, I was unaware that the song existed. Then I bought a Freemasons compilation album (Shakedown 2 - very banging), and eventually noticed that the best track on there was this Kylie Minogue song. Then I realised that it couldn’t just be that good because of the Freemasons, since they’d remixed practically every song on there, so I investigated the original. Now it’s replaced Love at First Sight as my favourite Kylie Minogue song.

The One turns out to be this fairly robotic song, but with that feeling of disco euphoria that sometimes creeps into quite mechanised music - like Donna Summer, it takes you to an idealised dancefloor where the stars have aligned and everything moves in slow motion. Most of the lyrics are just “love me, love me, I’m the one”, but there are some very neat ones in there too: “close to touch like Michelangelo” is very evocative. Again, slow motion. Moments you don’t want to end, and that don’t feel like they ever will.

The rest of the album doesn’t seem to be quite up to that high standard, though All I See is notable for Kylie out-Janeting Janet Jackson.

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