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Monday Music: Back of the Van

15 Feb 10 | Re: Overlooked fantasticity

What are we going to do with Ladyhawke? She makes pop rock songs that sound a bit like Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark, these very 80s inspired, dramatic numbers, drenched in nostalgia and yearning and the triumph of wide-eyed teenage promise. Now that it’s the early 21st century, you might ask how it’s possible to make music like that and it not turn into cliched, soulless bombast. What you’ve got to do, and what Ladyhawke does, is make sure your songs are all very good indeed.

My favourite is Back of the Van, which you can listen to on We7 here. (A small detail is that it ought really to be called You Set Me On Fire.) But really, I could have picked any one of her tunes. When I hear them I can’t help but think that not only are they the best music ever, they’re actually the best music that it is possible to make. Note that I only think this when the songs are actually playing, but even so, they move me. If you can listen to Ladyhawke and remain unmoved, perhaps you could get in touch via the email link in the sidebar and explain how.

Posted by GLENN GUGLIA at 18:22

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