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Hello again, searchketeers

11 Feb 10 | Re: Internet serendipity

Since I last did this I’ve archived my old posts, so the original list of phrases I want people to search for won’t now take people to my most up-to-date thoughts, if they ever do happen to search for them. Here, then, are my new top five things I’m hoping people search for and thereby come upon this blog:

  1. Blog posts apologising for the lack of more blog posts
  2. A-list wigsbies
  3. Santa-suited disco dancers
  4. Ian Austin MP
  5. Pictures of gurning old women

Perhaps YOU have found my blog in this way. Perhaps you were expecting gurning old women and have been pleasantly surprised. If so, use the email link in the sidebar and let me know, putting “I’m a searchketeer” in the subject line.

Posted by STEVE JOBS at 13:45

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