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Monday Music: Devil in Sports Casual

1 Feb 10 | Re: Silly, awesome tune

Monday again, and ever since last Monday that means Monday Music. This week’s track is Devil in Sports Casual by the Midfield General. You are strongly advised to listen to it, like say on Youtube.

This is the finest example I have come across of the old big beat trick of setting a silly vocal sample to a, well, a big beat. See also Sexiest Man in Jamaica by Mint Royale, and all the good Fatboy Slim tracks. The sample here is some American giving dire warning about how all rock and roll songs have backwards Satanic messages in them.

I love everything about this song from the title onwards, apparently a modern update of ‘Devil in a Red Dress’. I love how the Midfield General restrains himself for over two minutes before turning the sample backwards itself. I love how it goes on slightly longer than you expect it to. I love how it’s clearly just this guy, the boss of Skint records, messing around and striking pure dance gold.

A slight credit is due to Q Magazine because I would never have come across this if it hadn’t been included on one of their free CDs in 2001. I tend to feel that buying Q is a bit of a Faustian bargain that no good can ultimately come of, so I suppose it’s appropriate really.

Posted by GUNTHER CENTRAL-PERK at 13:40

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