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The marketing of Shreddies is atrocious

16 Jan 10 | Re: Atrocious Shreddies marketing

The marketing of Shreddies is absolutely atrocious. Shreddies are easily the best cereal going, so why in the blazes do they have to carry on with this pea-brained knitted by nanas rubbish? Who is it meant to appeal to? Kids? And now the boxes say ‘scrumptious new recipe’ on them. The new recipe is indeed an improvement, but who do they think they are talking to, to describe it as scrumptious? Nobody says scrumptious. They don’t say scrumptious. The whole thing is just maddening, these pictures of gurning old women on the boxes.

Posted by ROBIN OF LOXLEY at 15:46

PS On ‘This Week’ this week, which I only bothered to watch because N-Dubz were on, Andrew Neal described something that was sporadic and patchy as “poratchy and spadic”. Does he do that a lot?

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