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Quiz question 20

10 Nov 09 | Re: Big bowl of delicious trivia

As our quiz questions approach 50 Cent’s enviable total of 21, it’s time for the latest weekly installment. While I think of another question, I’ll give you the answer to question number 19. See if you can work out how to read the paragraph below; I assure you it’s there.

Yes, that’s right, just highlight it. Easy. So, the largest country in the EU that is run by self-avowed socialists is Spain, whose government is led by the Partido Socialista y Obrera de España, or Socialist Workers Party. Their leader is the admirable Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, who doesn’t get the attention he deserves in Britain.

And now, the question for this week. The former Live and Kicking presenter Jamie Theakston still gets up early, because he now presents a breakfast show on the radio. But for which station?

If you want the answer, you will have to come back to this blog in about 100 years when I next update it. I am confident that there is simply no other way to find it.

Posted by NIGEL CLARKE at 18:29

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