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“But you did not convince me, Nicholas”

30 Oct 09 | Re: Crazed ministerial behaviour

In the news today: a Government drugs adviser gave the Government some advice that conficted with what they wanted to do, presumably because he inhabits the real world and not Planet Kneejerk, so they ignored his advice and then sacked him. Brilliant.

This reminds me of Idi Amin in the film The Last King of Scotland, when he berates his advisers for disagreeing with him, and then they’re proved right, so he berates them again for not being more convincing when they made their case in the first place. Not that the Home Secretary, Alan Johnson, is in any way as despotic or bonkers or charismatic as Idi Amin, but it’s the same kind of thing. Why employ advisers at all, if you’re just going to get cross when you don’t like their advice?

And Alan Johnson is meant to be one of the good ones.

Posted by HORBISON THE FISH at 21:00

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