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Saint Etienne and Coe

28 Oct 09 | Re: Suggested musical tie-in

At the moment I’m enjoying Jay-Z’s Empire State of Mind whenever it comes on the radio. I’m not from New York and I’ve never been there, but this is one of those cases, like Kingston Town or Hemmingway’s Spanish novels, when an artist’s heartfelt enthusiasm for a place is infectious enough to make even complete strangers identify with it. It inspires a kind of nostalgia, only for another place instead of another time.

The song needn’t be about New York though. Whenever I’ve heard it lately, I’ve imagined what it would sound like if Saint Etienne did a reworking called London State of Mind. I think Sarah would be perfect for that chorus, and I’d love to hear what Bob and Pete would do with the verses - it could be a real tour de force for them.

And what better time to make a song like that, than with the London Olympics on the horizon? I’m telling you, London State of Mind would make the perfect theme song for the event. Lord Coe, Bob Stanley, Boris Johnson, anyone who knows them, if you read this, please see about making this happen. It would be wonderful.

Let’s hear it for London
These streets will make you feel brand new
The lights will inspire you

Imagine Sarah singing that and tell me it wouldn’t be perfect.

Posted by HOMER J FONG at 13:12

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